Wireshark – For those who choose to do more with less

The philosophy of doing more with less sounds good, but it is not always practical. It takes effort and lots of practice to get to this methodology. I used to carry a “multi-tool” with me. It was like having a mini toolkit I could fold it up and carry in my pocket. It was great, … Continue reading Wireshark – For those who choose to do more with less


Wireshark Display vs Capture Filters

A common thought by beginner Wireshark users is that display and capture filters do the same thing. Well, they don't; they may seem to be doing the same thing to you but the difference is when the packets get filtered. Display filters don't stop Wireshark from capturing any packets, you still capture all packets but … Continue reading Wireshark Display vs Capture Filters

Wireshark Basic Overview

What is Wireshark? Wireshark is open source software for Windows and UNIX/Linux, open source meaning that anyone can download it for free and can if they want alter the source code however they please. Wireshark is considered the best network packet analyzer you can use today. But, What is a network packet analyzer? A network … Continue reading Wireshark Basic Overview